Outcomes for Customer

Achieving & maintaining market leadership:

  • Collaborating with customers to create product roadmaps for both new and legacy products
  • Running the entire product lifecycle for these products – design through manufacturing & servicing

Keeping products relevant, now and later:

  • Updating products and restructuring strategies of products to be relevant and state of art in an ever-changing tech space
  • “Future-proofing” and testing redesigned or new products to stay relevant and work well through multiple use cases, across their entire lifetimes
  • Optimizing product longevity and up time through remote monitoring and control for predictive and preventive maintenance

Reaching new markets through product redesign:

  • Right-sizing & redesigning the product, setting up local manufacturing
  • Managing the challenge of having the product conform to the same quality and functionality standards as that of the product sold in the origin country, but at a more competitive price point affordable to the new market

Maintaining legacy products:

  • Tackling issues like component obsolescence, new compliance needs like RoHS, adding features to existing products (sometimes with almost no design documentation available)

Ownership of products

  • Designing products and ensuring all design data is with the customer. Training customer design teams to own, maintain, and upgrade designs. Hence reducing dependence on vendors who would also be supplying to competitors.

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