Case Study - Intelligent Traffic Controller

The Customer

The customer is a leading intelligent transport system (ITS) provider based in South Africa and serving markets in the African continent. Their offerings cover end to end traffic management solutions.


  • The existing Traffic Controller solution:
    • Could not manage large intersections
    • Could not be accessed wirelessly
    • Could not be accessed remotely
  • The customer was looking for a Traffic Controller having interfaces, memories & capabilities to make it work in actuated, remote, central and standalone environment.


The controller needed to:

  • Have expandable interfaces to phases and detectors.
  • Have wireless capabilities for configuration update and monitoring
  • Have adequate on-board memory to store configurations and logs
  • Withstand harsh environmental and electrical conditions.


Designed a controller having the following features:

  • Pluggable expansion interface slots
  • On-board WiFi communication
  • Intuitive Android / iOS apps for Manual Panel, Diagnostics and Configuration Download
  • On-board GPS module to synchronize to create Green Waves and to respond to Emergency calls
  • Interface to central control station providing updated data and ability to control the junction remotely.


  • Opened out new markets demanding intelligent traffic control
  • Redesigned existing traffic controller for the new interconnected world
  • Complete product ownership

Technology Areas

  • Vehicle Actuated Traffic Controller
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Traffic Signals
  • Mobile Applications
  • PC based real time configuration and simulation




  • A complete traffic controller rack hardware design having up to 13 3U and 9 6U cards.
  • CPU card having two 32bit ARM controllers.
  • SABS approved hardware supporting extended temperature range.
  • On-board USB, WiFi, GPS, GPRS, RS485 and RS232 connectivity.


  • C for ARM controller code.
  • Winforms, C# & SQL Server for Configurator and Simulator software
  • Native Android (Android Phone) and Swift 3.0 (iPhone) for Smart Phone Apps

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