Case Study - Poll Gateway

The Customer

The customer is a software products company in India.


  • The current solution (conventional ballot) was a laborious and error prone method
  • Lack of availability of a specialized workflow and a secure bridge for data caused adaptation of an electronic gateway to remain sluggish


  • The market analysis and feasibility of this product is assessed by Customer.


  • We are acting as a Technology Partners for the customer. We have set up a Team of Designers and Developers to cater to ongoing product needs
  • Studied the requirements in details, participated in Brainstorming sessions to come with designs and workflows
  • Developed software platform that is taken to the market for online elections and opinion polls
  • The work includes the end to end solution including architecture, design, evaluating and creating proof of concepts for external APIs which includes authentication based on AADHAR number and finger prints.
  • A secured web based application using various algorithms for Encryptions and Tokens


  • A secured web based software product which handles end to end online election processes and opinion polls, which has since been tested in live scenarios to great success and obvious advantages over the conventional system

Technology Areas

  • Roadmap Based Platform Development
  • Secured Web Application
  • Software as a Service Model
  • WCF Services, ASP.Net, SQL Server
  • AWS Cloud Features




  • A web based application using ASP.Net 4.0, VS 2015 IDE
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Amazon Cloud Hosting
  • Selenium for Automated Testing
  • A layered architecture using WCF Services
  • Javascript, JQuery, Ajax

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