Case Study - HalloWE

The Customer

The customer was anyone who had the pain point of having to spend money on costumes every single year for every single member of the household that celebrated Halloween. The customer was also anyone who was seeking once used costumes to use for their own celebration, and those who would not mind trading their own lightly used costumes for others to get variety in their dressups every year.


  • A lot of money is spent on Halloween costumes and most of them end up being worn once in their entire life and then stored away.
  • Perfectly good costumes end up being worn once as they are unable to fit in those costumes (kids and young adults) or want to dress up differently the next year.
  • The customer would benefit from a platform, which facilitates:
    • Exchange or swap of people’s old (both recently used and stored) costumes, for other people’s costumes which are old.
    • Selling of old costumes.


The Application should

  • Enable a Customer to upload pictures, add a description and wanted cash price or wanted swap area to sell his/her costume.
  • Be able to locate costumes nearby to the customer searching for them.
  • Provide an intuitive and simple platform to effortlessly create a sense of sharing, community, and conservation.


  • Developed a mobile application which helps user to buy, sell or exchange costumes and other accessories.
  • Categorized of the costumes according to age categories which helps user to find the costume more efficiently.
  • Used Maps services to help user find the location of the costume of interest or to find nearby costume.
  • Used cloud messaging, SMS and email services to communicate with the user at appropriate stages.
  • Developed a web based Admin Panel to monitor the activities of the application so to avoid any misuse.


  • A secured mobile application that acted as a mediator between two people by providing them a platform to sell or exchange their old costumes.
  • An application with location-based results, that enabled the customer to get in touch with neighbors and friends to spread the word about the costume or to purchase a new one.
  • A backend admin panel to provide a consolidated information, statistics of the application and monitor any misuse.
  • Tested, verified and reliable solution.

Technology Areas

  • Web Application
  • Software as a Service Model
  • Native Android, Swift
  • Google Maps, Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • ASP.Net MVC, Razor Engine, REST API, SQL Server




  • A web based application using ASP.NET MVC5, Entity Framework 6
  • Visual Studio, Android Studio, X-Code IDE
  • MS SQL Server
  • Mobile Communication using REST API
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax
  • Native Android (Android Phone) and Swift (iOS) for Smart Phone Application.
  • Google Maps, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Twilio SMS, Email

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