Case Study - e-Padlock

The Customer

The customer is most trusted brands in locking solution in India since last century. From a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India, it provides Locking Solutions & Systems that reach homes, offices, industries.


In existing Padlock solutions:

  • There was no traceability of the fuel carrying vehicle moving from distributor to retail outlet
  • Keys can be duplicated easily & fuel can be removed


  • We identified a need to add electronics to the current padlock solution to add a robust level of authentication to the locking system
  • The customer would benefit from being able to track in real time the vehicle carrying the fuel
  • Location based authentication to prevent unlawful access is a need
  • Having the power not be stored in the lock greatly decreases ability to be compromised


  • A comprehensive multi-tier security system was designed
  • Power line communication was used for lock and key authentication and access control
  • GPS and GSM were deployed on the vehicle for real time tracking and global communication
  • Easily available ‘coin’ cells were used to power the key, making on the ground maintenance and operations on very low currents both possible


  • The e-Padlock solution successfully offered both mechanical and electronic validation for access control via the designed solution
  • The locking system currently maintains an audit trail of all the events associated with locking & unlocking of vehicles
  • The locks, keys, and key programming units can be configured via a central server, and are all programmable and reusable

Technology Areas

  • Powerline communication
  • GPS
  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart Card Reader (RFID)
  • DC brushed Motor Driver




  • E-Lock & E-Key -Single board solution – 4-layer PCB with microvias
  • SKH, KPU -Single board solution –2-layer PCB
  • GPS, GSM, Wi Fi modules Modular construction
  • Schematics, BOM, Layout & Gerber: PADS from Mentor Graphics
  • ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Kinetis KL1 Microcontroller MKL15Z128CAD4R --NXP
  • LPC18S37JBD144--NXP
  • SE868-V3 --Telit
  • GL865 Quad V3 --Telit
  • LPC11E68 --NXP


  • Code in C


  • Code in Java, Spring, Hibernate
  • Eclipse, Apache, MySql

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